Temperature Measurement Thermostats and Sensors

Various styles of thermocouples for the smelting, heat treatment and furnace manufacturing industries are available through Vulcanic TEE. Styles include straight or angled, with single, duplex or triplex elements and numerous cold leg materials and terminal heads. Protective sheath materials include Sialon, Silicon Carbide, Laminated Ceramic, Plumbago, Chrome Iron, Cast Iron, Inconel 600 and 601, 253MA, 316-310 S.S., Pythagoras GR61, Alsint AL23, Mulite and Sillimantin.

A full range of Lance dip probes are available, incorporating the Type K and N replaceable 8 inch long life chrome iron tips.

Applications: Specifically designed for non-ferrous metals, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze or salt baths at temperatures to 1300°C.

Various styles of thermocouples and sensors are manufactured for the petrochemical industries. The sensors shown are a small example of what is available. Assemblies available with single and duplex elements in numerous OD sizes, insulated or bonded thermocouple junctions, element sheath materials, spring loaded for terminal blocks and barrel unions.
Also available are thermowells – fabricated or machined bar stock; screwed or flanged; in various metals; specialty coatings; weld on pads; ceramic sheaths; barrel unions; nipples; a large range of mounting hardware; terminal head materials – alloy, cast iron, SS, plastic, bakelite and SAA approved explosion proof Ex”d”.