Infrared Generators

Infrared Generators

Vulcanic TEE ceramic infrared heaters provide a reliable, economical and highly effective source of infrared heat. Because of their versatility, they can be easily adapted to solve many manufacturing problems.

In the plastics industry, banks of ceramic heaters are used in thermoforming products.
The specially designed yellow ceramic heaters are very useful in this process, as they will turn white when heated. If one ceramic heater has failed it will remain yellow, making it much easier to identify which heater is not working and needs to be replaced.

Warmzone Infrared Heaters

Warmzones provide instant heat and operate silently, making them cost efficient as well as useful for quiet areas such as libraries. They can be mounted and positioned for optimal heating efficiency and with the new outdoor weatherproof Warmzone, they can be used to heat almost anywhere.

Partial, spot and full heating is provided instantly – no unnecessary heating of unwanted areas.

Instant heat – expensive pre-heating is reduced – warmth is felt instantly.

Ideal for clean environments such as food processing areas.

There is negligible heat loss by convection or conduction to the atmosphere even in areas of high humidity or pollution.

Warmzones are also lightweight and easy to mount.

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