Electrical Duct Heater

Air Heater Banks for Duct Applications

Complete air heater banks incorporating the choice of elements are designed and built to meet the requirements of individual air conditioning installations. Once we have been provided with full details of the job, the most economic arrangement of elements, banks, etc, will be selected to comply with requirements. Terminal boxes are custom made to suit your duct size. Heaters are wired in the number of steps required to a terminal block inside, therefore enabling your electrician to connect up power supply easily.

Duct Heater Handing Side

To improve the efficiency of Vulcanic TEE Electric Duct Heaters, Vulcanic TEE designs all units with a specified handing side based on the customers requirements and site limitations. By selecting a handing side relevant to the particular duct installation, on-site servicing is made much easier by facing the unit in a more easily accessible direction. Determining the best handing side for an electric duct heater also optimises the performance of the unit by allowing for much more thorough over temperature monitoring based on the position of the unit within the duct. The handing side is based on the ductwork that the unit is being installed into when looking down the duct with the airflow coming towards you. The handing is then specified as either Left hand side or Right hand side.
The picture to the right shows an EDH with a Left Handing configuration.

Job data required for finned or unfinned heater banks

  • Nominate the element to be fitted or standard specified, ie, AS1668 Part 1 or AS3102
  • Size of duct and entry side for bank.
  • Handing direction – Left or Right.
  • Total kilowatts required.
  • Number of control steps needed and whether wiring is single or 3 phase.
  • Details of controls required to be fitted to the units.

Hot Box Air Blower Heaters

Hot Boxes are ideal for room heating in areas such as drying rooms, greenhouses, industrial locker rooms, low temp industrial ovens and more. Hot Box air blower heaters are available with axial or centrifugal fan setups.

Hot Boxes are manufactured with high quality Stainless Steel and standard units range from 2kW to 21kW, or we can tailor a Hot Box unit to suit your needs. Manual reset cutouts protect the heater should the air flow be interrupted. The Hot box is a free standing heater suitable for wall and ceiling mounting,
with relatively low noise levels. Centrifugal units are also supplied with castor wheels for ease of movement
and a fan run on timer for safety. Hot Box units can also be coupled to a ducting system.

To assist you with finding out which model hot box would be best suited for your application, please consult the table below. If you have any questions or are still unsure which model is best for you, please contact us.
Vulcanic TEE offers its standard Hot Box units for hire.
Download a PDF copy of our Hot Box brochure.