Drum Heating

The IBC Heater Jacket is designed to provide a convenient insulation/heating system for raising the temperature of liquid products transported in the IBC.

The heater jacket consists of four flexible side panels and one lid panel. Inside each side panel is a polyester thermal insulation blanket, insulated electric carbon-graphite heating elements, control thermostats and thermal over-temperature cut-off fuses mounted on an aluminium earth sheet, wiring and a flexible power cord with a 3-pin earthed plug.

Each panel is fitted with heavy duty zip fasteners that make it easy to install on the IBC. The installation forms a stand alone miniature ‘hot room’ suitable for heating in low ambient temperatures. An efficient insulation material is used inside the panel, minimising energy loss from the heated IBC and most liquid products are able to be raised in temperature within acceptable times.

Heater jackets are available for all standard size IBC units. Custom size jackets can also be supplied.

Part Number: IDHJ-IBC – Electrical Specifications: 240V 1200W – Current: 5 Amps

Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heater Jackets brochure.

Drum Heater Jackets

Vulcanic’s 205L Drum Heater Jacket is designed to safely heat your product without the expense of building a hot room by using thermally insulated panels to zip up around your drum, sealing in the heat.

Unique carbon-film electric heating elements have been selected to ensure the integrity of your product is preserved throughout the heating process. Heat is spread evenly over a wide surface area, eliminating ‘hot spots’ and ensuring even heat distribution.

Because the heating elements don’t contain metal wires or resistors they won’t deteriorate with repeated use. Being made from carbon/glass fibre they can actually be cut, torn or punctured without appreciable loss of performance. In this unique product where they are protected from damage, with ordinary use, you can expect them to last indefinitely – no more element replacements!

Drum Immersion Heaters

Drum immersion heaters are more efficient and economical than external heating and are used where the solution, liquid or material can be heated with the element being in direct contact. Two installation designs are available. The first is able to be inserted through the pouring hole at the top and the other fits straight into an open drum. Vulcanic TEE drum immersion heaters are light weight and very portable. They can be used in a variety of tank and bath applications. All Vulcanic TEE drum immersion heaters are thermostatically controlled and are manufactured in a wide range of materials such as Incoloy, 316SS and Titanium. 2.5m x 3 core flexible lead and 10 Amp plug are standard with the single phase units.

Vulcanic TEE also manufacture three phase units with greater power output, which greatly reduces initial heat up time and maximises heat recovery.

Standard Units – Open Drum

Part # Drum Size Volts Watts Phase
DW-1 20L 240 2400 Single
DW-2 205L 240 2400 Single
DW-13 20L 415 4800 Three
DW-23 205L 415 7200 Three

Standard Units – Closed Drum

Part # Drum Size Volts Watts Phase
CDW-1 20L 240 2400 Single
CDW-2 205L 240 2400 Single
CDW-13 20L 415 4800 Three
CDW-23 205L 415 7200 Three

Download a PDF copy of our Drum Heating brochure.

Drum Immersion Heaters