Control Systems

Control Systems

The operation of an electric heater is only as good as its control system, therefore a tailor made, first class control system is offered by Vulcanic TEE with a range of options from the simple on ⁄ off control, to the most sophisticated burst fire⁄single cycle thyristor control.
Load splitting requirements can be divided into stages to give multi-thyristor control and in addition, combinations of thyristor and contactor control can be supplied to provide a fully synchronised system and limit impact on the power generation system.

Vulcanic TEE offers a total control system service including:

  • Thyristor control system design
  • Factory testing and quality control
  • Step contactor sequence control
  • Documentation
  • PLC programming
  • Spares and after sales service
  • Engineering planning
  • Ingress Protection up to IP66 (IEC), NEMA 4X (NEC)
  • Manufacture
  • Suitable for outdoor installation

In-House Testing – in compliance with IEC439-1:1992 AS3439.1-1993

  • Full load ⁄ Heat Soak Testing
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • RF Interference Testing
  • Dielectric Checks – including HV Test with 500⁄1000V Megger Test before and after
  • Visual Checks – including all labels and door earths
  • Mechanical Checks – including mechanical interlock operation checks
  • Electrical checks – including MCCB⁄ACB setting, Fuse and conductor ratings, functionality and overloads

Flameproof Control Panels

Flameproof control panels can be supplied by Vulcanic TEE. To enable local control of ThermalEx™ hazardous area heaters these control panels are an ideal solution.


  • EEx ‘d’ IIB T1 to T6 Zone 1 & 2 to IP65 (in accordance with IEC529)
  • From -20 to +40°C
  • Marine grade aluminium cast alloy

You can also view Vulcanic TEE’s white paper on the use of IECEx certification in hazardous area heating, by downloading the PDF.