Cartridges Heater

Cartridges Heater

Vulcanic TEE cartridge heaters are designed for the heating of metallic parts (moulds, dies, plates, bolts, etc.) and of liquids up to several kW, 2500 mm, 750°C, from 12 to 450 V 1-ph or 3-ph.

Vulcanic TEE cartridge heaters must be inserted in a hole in order to heat solids and can heat a liquid directly or through a thermowell.

Cartridge heaters comprise a stainless steel cylindrical sheath with a diameter of 6.35 to 31.8 mm ensuring good sealing and shock and vibration resistance

Power is supplied via fiberglass-sheathed copper or nickel cables with optional mechanical protection by a flexible metallic sheath.

Cartridge heaters can be equipped with a threaded plug, (metric or BSPP), a flange, a mounting bracket or shoulder.

Waterproof resin seals guarantee electrical insulation in case of prolonged storage or use in a wet atmosphere (max. temperature at connection: 160°C).

As an option, a thermocouple sensor type J or K inserted in the cartridge heater enables the temperature to be controlled and limited.

Vulcanic TEE  cartridge heaters are designed and manufactured either as part of our standard range or as a customised solution (variable heating zones, double insulation, integrated thermostat or thermal fuse, etc.) in our factory in St. Florentin.