Cartridges Heater

Cartridges Heater

Thermalfold high watt density cartridge heaters are of a unique design and are the latest in electric heating technology.

Thermalfold cartridge elements are manufactured 0.1mm to 0.5mm under-size to slide easily into the hole size specified. When energised, they heat up and spring open due to their folded construction. While in the heated condition, they are a snug fit and impossible to remove. On cooling, they contract back to their original diameter and become easy to remove again. Conventional cartridge heaters would normally fail under these conditions.

The maximum element temperature is 800°C. Work temperatures of up to 600°C are therefore achievable, depending on the application.

Thermalfold cartridge heaters range in size from 6mm to 25mm diameter, with various lengths available on request.

Thermalfold heaters are specially manufactured to suit your requirements. When ordering, please specify the following dimensions (as per diagram to right) :

  • A – Heating Length
  • B – Overall length of Thermalfold
  • C – Length of terminating leads with or without metal flexible conduit
  • D – Hole size in which Thermalfold is to fit
  • E – Voltage and wattage