Band Heaters

Band Heaters have been designed to last and reduce down time. Band Heaters have high watt density capabilities which allow maximum temperature ratings and faster heat penetration into the barrel.

Vulcanic TEE Band Heaters are manufactured in 6.35mm and 7.9mm diameter stainless steel tubular roll formed construction, making them robust and eliminating the problems that normally occur with conventional mica band heaters.

Operating temperatures of up to 600°C are achieved with outstanding reliability and a long lasting life. With the multi-form design, these heaters can be opened and fitted easily without causing damage to them that may normally occur with mica elements. A uniform and greater heating area around the barrel is made possible due to this construction, whereas a mica band heater for applications with thermocouple holes and cut outs may, in many cases, heat only half of the area that the element has been designed for.

Vulcanic TEE Band Heaters come standard with 2 metre double glass insulated leads fitted with either tinned copper braiding or stainless steel flexible conduit for protection against mechanical damage. If desired, a plugall assembly or terminal enclosure can also be fitted. The two designs available are BH type and DBH type.