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Thermal Electric now offers a range of standard products for hire.

Products available include:

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Hot Box Hire

Hot Box air blower heater

Thermal Electric has made the 21kW Centrifugal Hot Box available for hire. The Hot Box is rated at 415V 21kW and comes with a 5 pin (3 phase) plug.


The Hot Box includes a powerful 165W electric motor delivering 450L of air per second.
Components include:

Drum Heater Jacket Hire

205L heater jacket

Thermal's Drum heater jackets (for standard 205L drums) are a simple, inexpensive and safe way to heat drums without having to build a hot room. The jacket zips up to form a portable, miniature hot room around the drum.

Load Bank Hire

Thermal's 25kW 6 stage Resistive Load Bank is ideal for load testing stand by systems on installation and at regular intervals. The life and efficiency of diesel generators can be greatly reduced when running underloaded, causing damage to the engine, to a point where engines could stall or completely fail to start when they are needed most.

Drum Oven Hire

Industrial Oven

Thermal offers a standard 4 drum Industrial oven for hire. All Thermal Ovens come with full insulation, robust construction and a portable free standing design.
Thermal ovens provide an efficient method of heating your products by minimising heat loss and aiding air distribution throughout the unit.

Please contact us for the latest hire rates.

Freight costs will be paid by the hirer and determined by location.
(For an accurate freight cost to your location, please contact us)

Minimum hire period for all units: 10 days

View the terms of our product warranty.

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